9780711238213What a great idea this book is – a selection of “tasty and hasty” meals made with just a kettle, toaster and microwave.

I have to confess that I was very eager to delve into this as I had an idea a couple of years ago when sharing a hotel room with one of my best friends. We had to be up before the restaurant opened for breakfast so my idea was to poach an egg and some smoked haddock in the rooms kettle. As you can imagine my friend was aghast at this idea and wisely so. I can just imagine the smell and taste it would leave for the next guests!

The ethos of the book is to enable you to cook a more healthy diet at a lower cost than buying processed food for lunch. She succeeds in doing that with a wide selection of recipes that are easy to prepare. I am all for this as it is incredibly hard to find healthy options especially if located outside of London.

Rachel Maylor starts the book off with essential store cupboard items and basic cooking methods including microwaving chicken and salmon successfully. It is not just about lunch though as quite often breakfast is taken at the desk and who could not be tempted by warm nectarines with honey and lemon, figs and ricotta on toast or eggs florentine.

Predictable lunch is the main focus of the book with lighter options suggested before moving onto the more filling dishes. These include lemon and mint yoghurt chicken, chill poached salmon, falafel and pomegranate pitta or prawn linguine. Puddings are not overlooked with the like of a delicious chocolate orange fondue suggested.

It is important to note that these are all relatively easy dishes to make and clean up with ingredients from the cupboard or easily purchased from local stores. If you work in an office then this book is for you. Why not set up a lunch club in the office and take it in turns to conjure up something tasty from the book?