Buddha Water claims to have launched the UK’s first ever “Super Water”. Why super? Well it contains unadulterated Scandinavian birch sap

Available in 6 different flavours – Hibiscus with its delicate florally overtones, a zesty lemon & lime, mango, cherry, cranberries or the original with a hint of apple.

For only two weeks of the year, the usually serene forests of Finland become a bustling hive of activity. Workers are busy tapping the silver birch trees for their precious sap – known for its detoxifying and cleansing properties. Tapping starts in the spring, when the snow melts and fades away, and it stops when the first leaves start to flourish. Crisp and clean, the sap has a slightly sweet taste with a gentle ‘woody’ aroma – a subtle reminder of the forests it came from.

As well as a low calorie, refreshing thirst quencher, Buddha Water also comes with an array of other benefits – making it the drink of choice for the health conscious. Birch water sap contains saponins, which are said to have powerful cholesterol reducing properties, and it is also considered to have powerful hydrating and detoxifying effects. It is rich in Vitamin C and Potassium, both of which can contribute to helping relax the mind and body, and promoting a sense of calm. High in nutrients like most plant waters, it can also help promote healthy skin and flush out unwelcome toxins – so a useful beauty tonic too!

Catherine Mulcahy, for YourTonic Ltd, said: “We are really excited to be launching Buddha Water in the UK. We really do believe it will be the next super drink! Buddha Water is a unique soft drink that is a natural alternative to the usual sugary offerings, and alcohol – which has added health benefits too! The perfect thirst quencher – its six flavours mean that there is something to suit all taste buds, and every occasion. More than a birch water drink, it is the refreshingly different soft drink we’ve all have been waiting for.”

Buddha Water is available in six flavours in 250ml cans, each with an SRP of £1.89 from Amazon
It is available on www.amazon.co.uk