It is not often that you come across a drink that you really enjoy, is low in calories and does good for the world. ChariTea is one such drink. I am always searching for something refreshing on a hot day and this is my new favourite thing. Although not universally available in the UK yet I hope it will be soon and distributed to pubs as I often am driving and there is so little choice apart from sugary drinks. In the meantime you can order online and stock it up in your fridge. It really is good!

The ChariTea comes in the following flavours:-
Blood Orange
Passion Fruit
Black Tea with Lemon
Green Tea and Ginger
Rooibos Tea with Passion Fruit
Sparkling Iced Mate Tea

From their website:-
ChariTea is freshly brewed, organic tea from fairtrade. Without sugar, but slightly refined with agave syrup and fresh juices. All ingredients are organic. The fairtrade tea comes from plantations in South Africa and Sri Lanka. With every bottle purchased, Lemonaid aims to help people and communities to help themselves. Focusing on parts of the world frequently disadvantaged in the global economy, they want to support local initiatives which work to improve social, economic and ecological structures. This is why they support their dedicated charitable organisation with 5 pence from every bottle purchased. Since January 2010, they’ve raised more than £560,000; money which the organisation can now put to good use for a variety of development aid projects.