With Christmas just around the corner, we have created a small round up of  snacks and drinks that will delight your guests this Christmas.

We are Tea



I am a huge fan of we are tea and become a loose tea convert because of them you. You simply purchase your favourite tea from them, put some leaves into the infuser with boiling water, let it brew and then place on top of your cup (china of course) allowing it to filter through.

we are tea


Popcorn Shed


Coming in an array of moreish flavours, Popcorn Shed produces big sweet popcorn that keeps you coming back for me. I confess to enjoy challenging my taste buds by alternating between their salted caramel and strong wasabi peanuts. Odd I know but I rather like it!

Popcorn Shed


Ugly Unsweetened Water



A strange name I know for a drink but I guess they know what they are doing. The drinks are very good, sparkling water infused with natural ingredients.

Ugly Drinks


Mr Trotters Sausalami


These great snacks from Mr Trotters and great chopped up into bite size pieces for your guests to nibble on. They are properly “porky”, succulent and full of flavour. I love them!

Mr Trotters





If you are lacking in energy this party season but do not wish to partake in the traditional energy drinks laden with sugar and caffiene, Virtue maybe the answer. Made using yerba mate (the South American tea and natural antioxidant powerhouse) it offers a natural sourc eof energy to pick you up.



Xmas Cornish Pasties


I love something different and Warrens Bakery’s  ‘Mince Pie Pasty’ hits the spot nicely when fed up of traditional mince pies. Have some of these delivered, put them in your freezer and impress your guests with these packed mince meat and custard pasties.



T&E No 1


For those that have had a good Xmas bonus (it is £3.95 for 330ml) and do not wish to spend it on alcohol this tasty drink full of botanicals hits the spot perfectly. It is a great substitute in high end bars (or at home) when driving or simply want a more complex and interesting zero proof beverage.

Harvey Nichols


Stag Bakers


This is the time of year that guests might unexpectedly pop in without prior warning. I like to keep a selection of biscuits from Stag Bakers at hand to quickly make up canapes for them. This might be as simple as some cheese with a dash of chutney to smoked salmon, pickles and dill.

Stag Bakeries


Sibberi Birch Water



This is a natural , unaltered water straight from birch trees. Basically, Birch Sap which the tree have drawn up in spring and filtered. Sibberi collects this water and bottles it for us to enjoy in the same way the Nordic folk have for centuries.

Sibberi Birch Water