Do you enjoy writing about food and travel?
Are you a good researcher, writer and communicator?

We are looking for contributors to Custard and would love to hear from you. I want to be clear that as this site is a “not for profit” we are unable to offer any financial payments. If you are still reading and would like to break to pursue your hobby or break into writing I have written a short description below.

Your writing style has to engage and educate me. I like descriptive but not overly flowery language. You can write just one article or a selection for the site. Here is how it would work :-

  • I will create a dedicated page to article ideas – you look through and tell me which you would like to write, why you would be good to do that and how you see the article. You may also make suggestions.
  • I may directly ask if you are interested in writing an article. For example, I may have some information about Korean Street Food and ask you specifically if this is something you would be interested in writing about.
  • We are often invited to restaurants and hotels to write a review on the site (not a critique). Once established with us then we would invite you to do some of these in regions we cannot get too. The same applies to manufacturers. In both instances, we would love for you to be able to conduct interviews.
  • We love for you to visit and interview local producers be it a brewery or chocolate maker. If you can take great photos then that is perfect!
  • If you are interested then please get in touch with some examples of your writing (this is essential) but does not have to be food related.