I recently discovered Doisy and Dam, a UK based chocolate maker creating fantastic and interesting flavours. What intrigued me is the way they use ingredients that I have never heard of which instantly excites me. Who could not be enticed by:-


You get the feeling that this would be an incredible company to work for as well and a lot of fun. I wanted to find out a little more about the company so asked a few questions to the founders Ed and Richard:-

You started in Richards mums kitchen. At what stage did you know you had to move out?
Pretty quickly! We soon realised that making chocolate wasn’t where our expertise was and we needed some professional help! We found an amazing chocolatier based in Norfolk and she really got what we were trying to do and improved our bars massively.

In Norfolk it’s fairly easy to find the premises – the problem was more finding reliable staff and the amount of money required to buy machinery as we grew. It was a huge learning curve and we made some mistakes along the way!

What was the first flavour you made in the new location?
The first flavour we made was our Goji & Orange dark chocolate which is still my favourite 🙂

How often do you experiment and do you do limited editions?
We’re always experimenting! New flavours and new products is something we absolutely love doing. We have a superstar in our team who comes up with amazing new ways to combine superfoods, interesting tastes and textures to make delicious new chocolate. We’re looking to start releasing limited edition bars hopefully towards the end of this year.

What beer or wine would you match some of your flavours with?
Generally stronger beers pair well with chocolate, in general a stout always holds up well to the richness of choc. With wine we’d recommend red, for example a Shiraz with a robust nose!

At what location have you been most proud to see a Doisy and Dam bar being sold?
Probably Selfridges – it’s such an institution with a world-class reputation for being at the forefront of new and interesting brands so seeing our choc on shelf is a massive deal for us!

How does your chocolate differ from say Thorntons or Hotel Chocolat?
We hope we’re a slightly higher quality choc than Thorntons, we don’t put any crap in our bars – no emulsifiers or additives and each of our flavours contains no more than 8 ingredients. This includes the amazing organic superfoods that we source from across the world. Our aim is to provide high quality, delicious, interesting flavour combos that are better for you than the alternatives.

Your bars have a lot of great natural ingredients – how do you tend to discover them and what has not worked with chocolate?
We just do a huge amount of experimentation, we love trying new things and we’re always on the lookout for interesting ingredients. We wanted to do a bar that used organic rose extract, we pretty quickly pulled that when we found our organic rose extract was £7,000 per kg – the retail price on one bar would have had to be around £30!

You just raised £300,000 – what will you do with the money?
The money is going to help us scale even more. We’ve grown a huge amount over the last year but we want to keep pushing on and use the momentum we have. This means producing more choc whilst making sure we never lose out on quality and that gets more and more expensive!

Where in your opinion are the best cocoa beans grown?
Dominican Republic as that’s where ours come from! We think that’s where you get the best combination of fruity & rich without being too bitter.

I have to say that in a crowed market Doisy and Dam really stand out with inventive flavour combinations, great tasting chocolate and wonderful branding. I highly suggest you visit their website right away and place an order!