Ethos RestaurantI am a devout carnivore but that does not automatically mean a built-in reticence to dine in vegetarian restaurants. After all, I love veggies and grow my own, I am more than happy to embrace vegetarian cuisine with the myriad of options it provides.

I had been invited to visit ETHOS and being located just off Oxford St and a 15-minute walk from a meeting (with a vegetarian) I had in Berkley Square it seemed only appropriate to invite her to dinner afterward which she gladly accepted.

Strolling past Jack Barclay it was tempting to pop in and take a look at the new Rolls Royce “Dawn”, passing the Leica store I resisted the lure of a Type MP240 and the magnetic pull of Liberty was not enough to defocus my dining companion from the imminent promise of food. And instantaneous it almost was. For ETHOS is a buffet style restaurant.

ETHOS takes after the ever so popular “Kilo” restaurants found in Brazil. You take a plate, pile on as much food from the buffet as you like and take it to the till. They weigh your plate and you pay for exactly what you have chosen by weight. Perfect for the smaller appetites amongst us and it is so nice to be able to choose how much you would like of any individual dish.

Ethos Restaurant

Don’t be put off by the thought of a buffet, this is a nice joint, with tasteful and modern interior design, the highlight being a selection of live trees (birch?) in the center of the restaurant. There is a not a long table of endless dishes, rather 2 oval tables with platters over 2 heights of carefully chosen dishes. In addition to the obligatory Aubergine pasta ETHOS serves up more imaginative and dishes including:-

Jerusalem Artichoke Crisps
Miso Roasted Artichoke
Mini Quail Scotch Eggs
Dauphinoise Potatoes
Squash, sage and chestnut risotto
Cranberry and Pistachio nut roast
Artichoke stuffed potato bites

My guest commented on how good the food was and that she would return. Surprisingly, being a life long vegetarian she had only been to 3 vegetarian restaurants due to her friends being meat eaters. She would take them here though as she genuinely believed they would not miss any meat or fish, so good was the selection. I concurred and enjoyed pretty much all of it. Being addicted to taste it was a wonderful opportunity to taste over a dozen dishes. This may seem excessive but I viewed it as tapas but all on one plate.

ETHOS offers a succinct cocktail and wine list. We opted for a Mojito each was made long with its delicacy hiding the potency. I opted for a glass of Rioja Reserva that although no bodega was stated or vintage was perfectly drinkable.

The only disappointment was in my pudding. I opted for a chocolate fudge cake that was so dry (gluten free) that I could not eat it. In comparison, my companion had a delicious Pistachi-Oh! Raw Square which was stupendous.

48 Eastcastle Street, London W1W 8DX
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