d81_3041What to buy your father on Fathers Day is a much mulled over problem that never gets easier. What is a token gift that they would enjoy and has some longevity? To me the perfect gift to receive is whisky as I can never have enough and like to have a number of expressions of malt in my drinks cabinet along with a selection of blends.

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold will appeal especially to those fathers who may not ordinarily be whisky drinkers with it’s mellow and slightly sweeter flavour more often found in bourbons. They suggest that you enjoy it over ice with lemonade and a slice of orange but I think it will also work well in an Old Fashioned or Whisky Sour.

Gordon Motion, the blender said “In Mellow Gold we’ve carefully selected a particular combination of casks to enhance our softer flavour. As with all Famous Grouse expressions, we’ve used sherry and bourbon-seasoned casks – but for Mellow Gold we’ve used a touch more sherry casks than usual. The effect is a smooth, well-rounded whisky with added complexity of vanilla and subtly sweet spice to create a gentle, velvety dram. Mellow Gold is a delicious achievement – and a subtle, smooth indulgence to be savoured.”

The Famous Grouse Mellow Gold is widely available.