In the first of our series on all time great food books we have chosen the Ginger Pig Meat Book. It has been out for over 4 years now but still retains a strong presence on my book shelf. Written by the owner of the Ginger Pig butchers Tim Wilson and food writer Fran Warde it is a fantastic body of work.


The book starts by evaluating each type of meat based on the livestock they farm with a little bit about each breed, looking after them, the different cuts and choosing the right cut for your dish. I found it very informative and often refer back to these chapters as a reminder. There is a lot of information here and does genuinely help guide to to buying better produce. For example in the lamb section there is a guide on what meat from baby lamb, Spring lamb, winter lamb, hogged and mutton should look like. A spring lamb for instance should have white fat and good marbling and be rosy pink where as winter lamb will be larger with more fat and a deeper colour.


What follows and is the main content of the book is a month by month guide to the workings of the farm and a good selection of recipes. As you would suspect this is all about meat. No fish, puddings or vegetarian dishes are included and it is a wonderful book because of this. It is focussed, passionate and shows a love for the animal.


Currently only £17 on Amazon it is a bargain especially with 335 pages.