gbboThe GBBO is over for another year and we have a most worthwhile winner in Candice Brown. We will no longer get our fix on the BBC so why not think ahead and order the book that accompanied the series as a present for your GBBO fan friends? It has been out since August so you will know if they have it already and what a thoughtful random gift. It is currently only £7.99 so absolutely no excuse not to get this.

You have seen the show so can guess what is in the book, so let me just confirm that it is full of over 100 recipes from both Paul and Mary along with the bakers. There are tips and insights and you really will be inspired knowing that the amateur bakers could do this. One highlight for me was the bread section with it Parmesan Prosciutto Ciabatta and crunchy beer bread amongst the offerings.

It would make a great stocking filler for your kids and provide countless quality hours of mum/dad/kid time and for this reason alone I think it should be on everyone’s book shelf.