I am an athlete who races a long distance form of triathlon called Ironman. It involves swimming for 2.4 miles, immediately followed by a 112 mile bike ride then a full 26.2 mile marathon. To become an Ironman you have to complete this within 17 hours and I usually manage to come in just under 13. The thing is that no amount of training can help you plan for how your body will cope nutritionally. The race starts at 06:00 and I hope to finish just before 19:00. That equates to breakfast, lunch and dinner needing to be consumed whilst racing at the same time as fuelling your race. You literally burn thousands of calories during the day and they need to be replenished. The one thing that most of us crave is something savoury that delivers a good amount of calories, is natural, tasty and easy to consume on the bike. With about 460 calories per pack (7 balls) In The Nood is pretty good and I will certainly be trying them out in training and at my next race.


The concept is really simple – pack healthy, nutritious ingredients into resealable packaging that you roll yourself into balls. You are actively encouraged to embellish them with whatever you choose to make your own customisations. Once opened they keep for about 2 weeks so have a good life span.


Cacao is a major ingredient with sunflower seeds, dates and coconut and I found them to be very palatable. On occasion nutrition can be too dense and dry making it hard to consume when racing but I think these will be fine. I would add some currants or goji berries I think and love the fact they are not sweet.

They would of course make a great snack for kids at school helping to ensure their attention levels are maintained through the afternoon. It may also introduce them to darker chocolate which is a good thing! Another use might be when travelling and you seek breakfast without toast or pastries which can be hard to come by.


Packs are £7.99 and weigh 175g. You can order through their website www.inthenood.com