If you enjoy a cold beverage of the fizzy sweet variety then the Karma Cola range is worth trying as not only will you get a great tasting beverage but also help the people of Sierra Leone. Proceeds from each bottle go to Mende and Temne people in Boma, and have so far enabled a village to build a bridge connecting the old and new. A primary school teacher has be hired enabling over 50 kids to now go to school, something they would not have had the opportunity to do before. In addition to this Karma Cola has also facilitated a rice processing plant to provide self sufficiency and rehabilitation of 25 acres of rainforest farms. Good work indeed.

There are currently 3 bottlings to choose from at the moment in the UK all of which are super tasty:-

Karma’s Cola (made of real cola nut)
Gingerella (made from ginger and grown organically by Fairtrade farmers in Sri Lanka.
Lemony Lemonade

They arrived to me in some of the best packaging I have ever seen for non-alcoholic drinks so would make for a great gift. You can always check your local Waitrose for stock as they now carry the range as well.