I am quite partial to a shot but triathlon training minimises the amount that I can really consume, so have been opting for a different type of shot recently. My usual choice would be whisky or gin drunk slowly and enjoyed in generous measures (who needs optics!). In my quest to consume more healthy products you can imagine how delighted I was when a selection of Lizi’z Granola shots arrived on my desk. Packaged in “shot” sized sleeves they come on 3 flavours:-

Belgium Chocolate
Treacle and Pecan

What a great idea to release these shot size portions to complement the full range of granola on offer. They fit into your pocket easily so a perfect go-to tasty energy source that really is take anywhere. I used mine to top some yogurt for breakfast and also to make an decadent frozen breakfast using Cuckoo Birchers muesli.

You can read a short interview with Lizi:-

Granola shots first thing in the morning.

Granola shots first thing in the morning.

What inspired you to start a Granola business?
Lizi & Mick Shaw ran a B&B tucked away in the Welsh hills. Lizi produced a granola option for breakfast daily, which was met with much acclaim from her guests. After several conversations, they decided to do something about it and soon after Lizi’s Granola was born.

The business is now 13 years old. What have you learnt in that time?
Be true to yourself and believe that what you’ve created is the best. We launched 13 years ago offering people a healthy, good for you granola that tastes amazing. Unlike other brands, we’ve not once lowered our sugar content, because we know it’s at a good level.

What is the process of launching a new flavour of Granola – how long does that process take?
Lizi’s Granola was created to offer people all over the world a premium quality healthy granola. We are constantly looking at new innovations from Original to Low Sugar, to on the go formats to treat granolas. We are committed to providing a low GL (glycaemic load) breakfast, high in fibre and protein without filling it with sugar. This is evident when looking at the nutritional breakdown of our granola, especially when comparing average sugar content, which is significantly lower than other competitors. We take our time when creating a new product – we have high standards and if it’s not quite good enough, it’s back to the drawing board.

Or just enjoy it beautifully plain.

Or just enjoy it beautifully plain.

What are you USP’s?
Lizi’s belief was to create healthy, good for you granola that tastes amazing. We know that once people try our granola, they won’t go anywhere else. Our sugar content is by far lower than any other competitor – this has to be a good thing! We are also the only brand to measure the glycaemic load (GL) of each of our products – this is extremely important when creating our granola.

What are your most popular flavours?
Our best-selling granola is Original, however Low Sugar is flying off the shelves – all over the world and Treacle & Pecan is doing well too!

What are your interests outside of the business?
We’re a diverse mix at Lizi’s. We love walking our dog in the Lakes, we love a spot of tennis and we have the odd penchant for bike riding (of the motor variety!). Oh and not forgetting sprinting around a netball court!

What would be your desert island foods and drinks apart from your own?
Collier’s Powerful Welsh Cheddar and a bottle of Medoc.

You could add a little bit of decadence with some cream...

You could add a little bit of decadence with some cream…