A long lunch almost 17 years ago between three friends, including drinks industry expert David Bromige and Martin Miller, a serial entrepreneur sparked the idea to create a new gin brand. The market was a long way from the highly fashionable place it occupies today with mixologists creating brand specific cocktails to complement the individual profile of each gins botanicals. Gin was an old person’s drink served in 25ml measures, schweppes tonic water, a slice of lemon with the pip in and 2 cubes of ice if you were lucky. Martin wanted to change this but did not know how to create the gin he craved. Martin knew the flavour profile we wanted but not how to achieve it which is where David came in.


They settled on a double distillation process at the Langley Distillery near Birmingham where one distillation was of earthy botanicals and the other of citrus. As quality is at the core, at Martin Miller Gin they only have one pot still “Angela” which was made in 1898 by John Dore and Sons. Unlike less perfectionist producers, the start (head) and finish (tail) of the distillation is discarded and only the very best “heart” is retained. There are no trays or bags of botanicals found here, instead the botanicals are carefully measured, weighed, then gently steeped overnight in spirit and hot water to give the refinement needed. Once both distillations have taken place, they are married together as a distillate for 10 days before being shipped to Iceland, where glacial water that had been filtered though mountains over 800 years to a spring is blended with the distillate to complete the gin.