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I attended a pre-launch event at Mister Lasagne last night where I enjoyed quite a few of the Lasagna’s on offer (in miniature I hasten to add!). I was particularly keen on the Carbonara which packed in lots of bold flavours and the salmon which was a nice alternative to the norm.

Mister Lasagna is located just around the corner from Piccadilly Circus tube so ideally situated for a quick bite to eat when busy shopping or perhaps pre-theatre when time is tight. Entering the restaurant you will notice on the right hand side earthenware dishes behind the counter with a selection of lasagna to take away. I can’t help but feel this will be very popular with those passing by on their way home from work, especially for those seeking comfort food. Beyond the counter is a small bar which leads down into the cosy and well designed restaurant. It was pretty packed last night so I did not get a chance to sit down but it looked like a good place to sit for 30 mins and have a filling dish.

As you can see from the press release below there are a multitude of flavours to suit all palates and all are very reasonably priced from £5.30 takeaway to £5.90 eat in.

Mister Lasagna opens today in Soho serving authentic Italian ‘fast food’ and open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday – Sunday.

Mister Lasagna will offer 21 lasagna varieties with eight staple dishes of classic bolognese, ham & cheese, mushroom, pesto, carbonara, vegetable, four cheese (cheddar, gorgonzola, bechamel, emmental) and Napoletana (meatballs, egg, bolognese, ricotta and bechamel). They will be available daily and joined by two specials, a rotation of 12 dishes; truffle, pumpkin, smoked salmon, chicken, artichoke, courgette, vegetable, aubergine, cherry tomato & basil, mashed potato & egg, spinach, onion and spicy tomato sauce. Diners will also be able to choose from five complementary sauces which are to be served on top of the lasagna; bolognese, bechamel, mushroom, four cheese or tomato.

Mister Lasagna_lasagna shot

Opening daily from 7am, Mister Lasagna will serve the breakfast crowd with its fresh Italian coffee, traditional savoury tarts and sweet pastries. Also on offer will be desserts such as tiramisu, caramel panna cotta and white chocolate soufflé. An Italian wine list, selection of beers and spirits will also be available. With 40 covers, diners will have the choice to sit on one of the large communal dining tables or to takeaway.

All ingredients will be carefully sourced, from the lasagna sheets to the vegetables, meats and cheeses. Customers can also take home with them authentic Italian produce, as the restaurant will sell pasta, sauces and a selection of Italian liqueurs.

Mister Lasagna founder, Alessandro Limone commented, “The demand for Italian food in London is huge and lasagna is one of the most popular dishes. Mister Lasagna will offer traditional Italian cooking just like my grandmother would serve to me when I was a little boy. When you mention lasagna, many people think of the well known bolognese recipe, but with our 21 varieties we hope to change London’s perception on this classic dish.”

Mister Lasagna
53 Rupert Street
Soho, London
Twitter: @MisterLasagna
Instagram: MisterLasagna