d81_3003I recently had the opportunity to try the relatively new to market Overhang drink, a blend of orange, ginger, lime and milk thistle and made to an ancient family recipe. It is designed to revitalise you and I have to say I found it quite good. I loved the strength of the ginger and enjoyed it many times whilst on a long car journey keeping me awake. It is has also proved a great and refreshing drink after a hard workout. It is the type of thing that I would look for in a pub when driving as I try to avoid sugar based fruit juices and hate artificial sweeteners. I hope that as the brand grows pubs may stock it in the same way they do Redbull.

I was able to conduct a quick interview recently with William Wilkinson, Joint Founder and Managing-Director.

Overhang is made from a very old recipe – what changes have you made to the original recipe?
Other than producing it on an industrial scale with much more advanced methods – barely anything! Overhang is as good now as it was over 100 years ago.

It is made at a very high tech bottling plant. How long did it take growth wise to be able to facilitate this move?
We’ve had the drink in the family since the late 1800’s and have never produced it for anyone other than ourselves. We actually dived into the deep end and started producing it in a bottling plant the second we decided to launch it to the public as there’s no way we could have done it on the kitchen hob as we always used to!

What makes it a good cure for a hangover?
We would never claim that that Overhang ‘cures a hangover’ – however the blend of botanicals and vitamins can really help pick you up when you are feeling tired or run down. A personal use for me is right after the gym when my body is feeling a bit battered!

How much ginger do you go through each year?
We’ve not had the drink publicly available for a full year yet, so we really couldn’t say!

Have you seen Overhang used in any cocktails to try and prevent a hangover in the first place?
No, that’s not something that we’ve seen before I must admit, but I guess in theory Overhang could be used as a mixer, as well as a natural pick me. Perhaps it could be a good replacement for your standard high caffeine energy drinks!

Will you be releasing any other flavours?
It’s still early stages so we’re very much focusing on the recipe we know and love. I’m sure in the near future we will look at other flavour variations and we are also researching a sugar free version of Overhang.

What is Overhang best drunk with?
Overhang is really great as an accompaniment to any hearty breakfast but my personal favourite is Shaksuka – an egg based dish with pepper, spices and tomatoes. The ginger really compliments the fieriness of the dish!

What has been your biggest achievement to date with the brand?
A national listing with Holland & Barrett!

Is it available on site at any of this years festivals?
Not yet – we’ve got big plans for this year’s freshers events though.