Plant Based FoodsFor those contemplating reducing their meat consumption “Plant Based Foods” contains 200 vegan recipes with plant based options. The author is not preaching being a vegan but providing the requisite knowledge
allowing you to make dietary changes by incorporating more plant based foods into your diet.

The first 10 pages are dedicated to the incorporation of a plant based diet into your life, how you can adopt transition strategies, fill your cupboards with the right ingredients and basic cooking techniques. To initiate a new approach to eating Sebben-Krupka advocates starting with the common “meatless Monday” and progressing from there by the addition of more salads and raw food into your diet. It makes perfect sense to make these substitutions gradually allowing your body and mind to adapt.

The basics are covered well including stock, pie pastry, eggless pasta dough, hummus and Tzatziki. There are various tables on produce such as grains which are very helpful. The table goes into what they are, their uses and nutritional information which I found to be educational.

The book is broken down into :-
Sauces, dressing, dips and spreads
Soups and stews
Casseroles and One Pot meals
Seeds, grains and pastas
Tofu, tempeh and seitan
Breads, pizzas and savoury treats

The only chapter that I found disappointing was breakfast which was very much geared to the American market with burritos, pancakes, muffins and the like. It would have been nice to have seen some breakfast smoothies for instance although there was a granola bake recipe. That aside the book is full of useful recipes that you can and will use.

I was particularly taken with the Curried Cauliflower Coconut Soup which served as an ideal lunch. The only ingredient I was missing was coconut milk, but I did a have a coconut leftover from a product shoot, so created my own in the Vitamix. It turned out to be excellent with so much more flavour than the canned versions and very easy to do. I had never considered partnering the winter, nutty flavour of cauliflower with the typical sweetness of coconut. A fusion that worked well and was lifted by the chilli and garlic. This will become a firm winter favourite.


It is fairly cold here in the UK at the moment and at times like these you crave something warm and comforting for dinner. Flicking through the book I was attracted to the Hearty Chilli with Peppers, Beans and Mushrooms. It would fulfil my need for big hearty flavours packing a punch and re-energise me ready for a run a few hours after dinner. I was out all day shooting so deviated from the suggested 30 minutes cooking time and opted instead to make it over 6 hours in the slow cooker. It was a triumph with developed flavours and a real warmth. I usually feel as though I am missing out with the absence of protein but was honesty full from the mushrooms and beans.

This is a good book. Certainly worthy of being in your collection if you wish to go meatless in preference of more plant based foods. There are enough recipes to keep your interest and a few are bound to become regular dishes.

Plant Based Cookbook by Trish Sebben-Krupka
256 Pages
ISBN – 978-0241230039
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