Taittinger Nocturne Rosé ‘City Lights’ NV-£60.40

Wimbledon is almost upon us which means plenty of strawberries and a lazy Sunday afternoon enjoyed with a glass of good Rose. This is what summer is all about especially when the strawberries have been freshly picked from your own garden just moments before. You really can taste the sunshine in them.

Rose’s have changed so much in the past decade or two. It used to be that Tavel Rose was the default bottle of choice in this household but that has changed significantly. Now we have wide choice of great wines to choose from varying is taste and structure from light and a hint of sweetness to drier and fuller in flavour. It is at this time of year that I imagine most rose will be consumed so have 3 to recommend all at different price points.

What I love about rose is the freshness, the red fruits that show through adding a new level of flavour that are not distracted by oak. It is something to look forward to, a chilled glass of wine with flavours not found in white wine. It makes those summer days just that little bit more special.

Cune Monopole Rosado 2015- £10.00
Made from the Tempranillo grape, this wine has body and is oozing strawberry flavours not too distant from what you would expect in confectionary. This has been made in the Saignée method which means to get juice from a tank of red must at the start of its fermentation.

Joseph Mellot Sancerre Le Rabault Rosé 2014- £18.80
Made from Pinot Noir from a 500 year old estate this is salmon pink with a much more floral tone than the Monopole. It’s body is more akin to a Beaujolais due to its depth.

Taittinger Nocturne Rosé ‘City Lights’ NV – £60
This is perfect for those who like a slightly sweeter Champagne. Given the name this is one for when the sun goes down and sparkling refreshment is needed. Think summer pudding with lashings of cream in a glass.

Of course if Andy Murray should reach the final I hope that you shall be opening the Tattinger!