screen-shot-2016-10-26-at-14-05-33First impressions count as you undoubtedly know. This is very true in cookbooks with a quick glance instantly providing information about the production quality and if it might appeal to your senses. “Everything I Want to Eat” by Jessica Koslow ticks the right boxes for me aesthetically. The cover is minimalist and internally you are treated to photography by 3 very different artists from an edgey fashion look, to a natural light documentary style complemented by some serious studio based images. Very impressive.

For those in the UK who may not aware of Jessica a little background is needed. She tells her story in the introduction but to get to the point she runs a eatery in Los Angeles that is open for breakfast and lunch only. Its premise is to offer relatively healthy vegetarian dishes but is not afraid to add meat for the bacon lovers amongst us. The restaurant in called Sqirl (Squirrel) and has lines (queues) at almost all times. It is the place to eat in LA even though parking can be problematic and it is more than a stones throw away from Beverly Hills.


Jessica stated that she is well versed in catering for the numerous (crazy) diets people have adopted in LA with its hyper healthy inhabitants. She is used to making substitutions so feel free to make them yourself if you are not into half fat almond milk, pressed at 18 degrees only only Wednesdays and by a teenagers hands. Really, you have heard orders in coffee bars that are ludicrous – imagine how complex it must be for a LA restaurant?

The book is divided as follows:-

Eggs and Toast
Grains and Beans
Meat Fish
Jams (Sqirl started as purely a jam producer)

I love surprises and found one on page 142 which gives details on how to butcher a rabbit. This is just brilliant. There are no other tutorials in the book on butchery and I can just imagine the meat stores in LA now being inundated with orders and then clients returning a few hours later for some help. Do apartments even have kitchens in LA?

The most enticing recipes for me include :-
Green Eggs and Onion Jam
Avocado toast with pickled carrots, garlic cream and house spice mix.
Chickpea stew with chard, poached eggs and smoked chile.
Red flannel hash with horseradish creme fraiche.
Cured (not smoked) bacon.
Chicken Kofte on rosemary sprigs with garlic schmear and cabbage kumquat salad.
Rabbit ballotine wiht collard bundles of rabbit confit in green garlic broth.
Squid toast
Beet cured salmon
Hazelnut financiers.
Coconut rice pudding with lemon curd and coconut croutons.
Rhubarb Lemonade.
Tumeric tomic.


With over 100 recipes including a pleathora of vegan and vegetarain offerings this book is very worthy of inclusion in your collection. Jessica’s passion spills from every page and this is contagious. She makes you want to be healthy and make considered choices in what you eat.

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