D81_2983It would be unlikely you have not heard about the growth of German retailer Aldi over the past few years. Offering value for money they have changed the way a great number of people shop and earlier this year invested £35m in a new online wine business to complement their in-store offerings. With prices starting at £20.94 for a case of 6 of their Toro Loco brand the entry point is very attractive.

I recently tasted 3 wines from the range and now the sun has emerged thought it a perfect time to post about them being perfect for a BBQ. It is always causes a dilemma when choosing as you do not want to get into fine wine territory but seek easy drinking, tasty and refreshing wines that can complement the big bold BBQ flavours and cut through the sauces. I think I have found 3 you will really enjoy :-

Exquisite New Zealand Pinot Noir – £6.99 per bottle
It is not often you find a Pinot Noir for £6.99 that shows good varietal flavours and is from New Zealand but this does. Fragrant with light summer fruits on the nose this wine is light with a mineral undertone. Perfect to enjoy with salads or even meatier fish when served ever so slightly chilled.

Veuve Monsigny Champagne Brunt NV – £10.99 per bottle
Sub £11 Champagne is generally a loss leader as it is virtually impossible to produce it for this price. This example made in conjunction with Champagne Philizot is probably the best BBQ and party Champagne on the market right now. Not only will you impress your guests with Champagne instead of the currently fashionable Prosecco it is also very drinkable (which is not always the case with Champagne at this price point). Comprised of the 3 Champagne varieties Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier it is delicate with a crisp freshness making it an ideal aperitif or indeed an everyday Champagne.

The Exquisite Collection Gavi DOCG 2015 – £6.99 per bottle
Made from the Cortese grape whose existence was first noted in the 17th century in Piedmont this is floral and aromatic and perfect to accompany dishes such as marinated chicken or salmon.

I was impressed with these wines from Aldi offering very good value for the quality. The next time I host a BBQ I will be visiting Aldi to purchase these as I truly believe they are the perfect BBQ wines.