For wine tourists this is a very good book, in fact it makes good reading if you are only dreaming of tasting wine whilst on holiday. With the inclusion of 20 countries, 52 Itineraries and 327 wineries there is bound to be somewhere of interest for you. The countries included are:-

Argentina, Australia, Canada, Chile, England, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Slovakia, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, New Zealand, Portugal, Slovenia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey and the USA.

It is a weighty hardback book so not ideal to take with you if airline baggage restrictions effect you but this is easily overcome by some pre-planning and the book would not be the same in a pocket format. As you can imagine some areas are covered in far more depth than others, for example England receives a short introduction then 2 sides with 5 winery recommendations all located in the South Downs. France receives 46 pages but I guess that is only fair given the size of their industry and amount of appellations.

wine trails cover - finalThe book is aimed at the tourist with more than a passing interest in wine. It provides an excellent starting point for anyone new to each individual region or is visiting and wishes to explore. I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It is written in a style that I appreciated. It made me want to visit not only the wineries featured but also the regions. The individual write ups are beautiful with little quirky facts that I love. For example on Domaine Pascal et Nicolas Reverdy which I picked randomly :-

You have to follow the narrowest winding road through picture perfect vineyards to to arrive in the tiny hamlet of Maimbray, whose 40 inhabitants include 10 winemaking families”

Who would know that? What a perfect story to tell your guests when you serve them the wine you have purchased from the estate.

Another is from Cantine di Orgosolo in Sardinia where I discovered the following about them :-

Orgosolo is also home to a genuine garage winery…Six years ago, 19 diverse smallholders including a tobacconist, electrician, hospital worker and shepherd, each owning 2.5 acres of land grouped together to make an artisan Cannonau… Although they get help occasionally from a top oenologist this merry band prefer to spend hours in the a rented garage discussing vinification and ageing.¬†

Who would not wish to taste their wine and sit around discussing it with a plate of local cheeses?

It is a book that was genuinely hard to put down for me. I wanted to soak up the information contained within. A picture is painted but not in a style that an over the top “wanna be” creative writer would. It is professional, succinct, interesting and balanced. It engages you and transports you to the vineyards being written about.

Accompanying the test are a a great number of beautiful photographs which have been carefully curated to offer a glimpse into the visual appeal of each area, shots of the winemakers and local food. This books just makes you happy!

Accompanying each regional section is a Essential Information block with some basic details on where to stay, eat and what else to do. For me though I think a trip to my local motor home dealer, some diesel and a ferry ticket are all I need. This book makes me want to go on the wine trail right now.