Women Chefs of New YorkI do have a love for books such as this. I love to read about people, their journey and passions. I find it inspiring. This book showcases 27 culinary talents from an assortment of restaurants from fine dining to bistros. There are of course an assortment of recipes but for me they play second fiddle, I far preferred reading the short introduction to each dish and why they chose it for the book. It lends context and meaning and allows us to understand their thought train and philosophy. Cookery is not about recipes really (except patisserie) and you feel encouraged to play around and not be concerned about being too exacting. Prior to the recipes there is a page of text dedicated to each chef which I found fascinating for the insight it gave and culinary history.

Being a photographer I particularly loved seeing the women’s portraits all seemingly taken in their establishment with natural light. It feels right to adopt this approach instead of a sterile studio as it takes us into their world providing a glimpse of their personality. It aids you to connect with them visually and understand where they are coming from in the text.

I cannot omit any mention of the recipes which range from the relatively easy as a cauliflower tangine to the more complex such as Almond Mousseux with Chocolate Cremeux, Lemon Praline sauce and Citrus Confit ice cream.

In short I love this book.